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Scratch Project Gallery
Who said Scratch was Childish?…
Scratch Is Fun!
A short animation showing how Scratch works. One of the most popular Scratch projects of all time with over 4600 s, and we created it…
Space Travel Story
A storytelling project for intro sessions. The first scene is given; the rest is created in group. Ideal as a first project.
Dino Game
A Scratch adaptation of Chrome's lovely Dino game. Another ideal first project for an intro session.
Flappy Bee
A Scratch adaptation of a legendary mobile game. Intermediate level project.
Another legendary mobile game adaptation. Intermediate level project.
Fly, Butterfly
An amazing game based on a kid's idea. Intermediate level project.
Memory Game
A "Simon Says"-type game with colors and sounds. Advanced level project.
Snake Game
Adaptation of the Snake game of old mobile phones. Advanced level project.
Adaptation of the good old Minesweeper game. Advanced level project.